Recreational Pilot Permit

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If you are planning to only fly within Canada and carry not more than one passenger, Recreational Pilot Permit can be your option to start with.

Some of the RPP benefits
  • Start training and get your Student Pilot Permit at just 14 (actual RPP at 16)!

  • Category 4 Medical Certificate can be obtained through your family physician

  • Ground school is formally not required (though still highly recommended)

  • Faster and more affordable way to start flying

Recreational Pilot Permit requirements
  • Student Pilot Permit

  • Valid Category 4 Medical Certificate or higher

  • Successfully complete (60%) Transport Canada Private Pilot Written Exam

  • 25 Hrs Total Flight Training

  • 15 Hrs Dual Flight Training Minimum

  • 5 Hrs Solo Flight Training Minimum

  • Successfully complete Recreational Pilot Permit Flight Test

  • 2 Hrs Dual Navigation Training

Once you have a Recreational Pilot Pertmit and choose to continue training towards your Private Pilot Licence, you will be able to use the flight hours logged.