Medical fitness for aviation

As an aspiring pilot, you will need a valid medical certificate before you get your SPP (Student Pilot Permit) and fly your first solo flight.

The Civil Aviation Medicine Branch of Transport Canada appoints and employs doctors who check aviation personnel for medical conditions. These exams are done based on international medical standards for aviation.

If you are planning to start training towards RPP, PPL, or CPL, we highly recommend to book your medical examination and obtain the medical certificate as soon as possible, ideally prior to your training.

What to expect

There are four medical categories shown on the medical certificate, each of which validates a different type of licence.

You will need Category 4 for Recreational Pilot Permit (can be obtained through your family physician), Category 3 for your SPP and Private Pilot Licence or Category 1 for your Commercial Pilot Licence. We recommend obtaining at least Category 3 medical certificate to commence your flight training.

During the examination you will be interviewed by the examiner about your medical history. Hearing and vision checks are usually a part of this kind of examination. Standards can change over time, so you are encouraged to research the Transport Canada website in case you have specific questions. There is also a Handbook for Civil Aviation Medical Examiners which we find helpful in a bit deeper understanding of the process - should you be interested, please download and study it.